The BWATT Multi 6 is the most efficient way to bring 220V electricity to a group of families, to six households or even, by combining Multi 6, to entire villages.
For a more affordable price, bring light to 6 homes and share our innovation with as many people as possible. A BWATT Multi 6 means 6 houses equipped with LED bulbs, outside light and phone chargers. Each house is independent, the consumption of your neighbor does not impute your electrical capacities.
The BWATT Multi 6 has excellent results and it benefits from the same rigor and expertise as a Blue Power product.
For each family, the BWATT Multi 6 can power 3 LED bulbs (5W), a 10W street light and 2 ports to charge your phones. The total power per family is 100W/h
Characteristics: BWATT MULTI6 (35x70x110), 3 Solar Panels 340W (200x100), 2 batteries 110A, 900W/H Inverter. Mix Grid.