The BWATT is the result of several years of Research and Development by Blue Power teams, giving you access to 220V electricity 24 hours a day.
For isolated areas, our unit does not require any connection to an existing grid, its installation is facilitated and maintenance is minimized. 
As an individual, our BWATT is also very attractive in order to lower your electricity bill or to compensate for power outages, bringing an access to 220V electricity in all circumstances.
Bring a revolution to your everyday life: charge your phones, your laptop, do the children's homework in the evening, watch TV, all this and much more become possible.
Our classic BWATT provides electricity to your home for basic energy needs 24 hours a day. The BWATT makes it possible to put aside gasoline generators, to reduce the noise pollution and, thanks to its affordable cost, to be profitable after two years. With a maximum power of 200W per hour, the BWATT provides electricity for 4 LED bulbs 10W, 1 LED street light 10W, 2 outlets, a USB charger and a low power consumption television.
Characteristics: BWATT (35x70x90), 1 Solar Panel 340W (200x100), 2 batteries 65A, 300W/H Inverter.